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"To support each child’s individual needs and to nurture their growth in a fun filled natural English environment. Hi5 Kids offer a safe and healthy environment where children can acquire English naturally. We strive to help each child develop academically, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally through a variety of activities.”

ハイファイブ キッズ インターナショナルは一般の幼児英会話教室ではありません。




Our Preschool program is set for children ages 2 to 6 years old. Hi5 Kids International is held to the same standards as a preschool preparing a child for the first grade abroad. All of our teachers are qualified from native speaking countries, America, Australia, Canada and England. Our system is designed to allow students to experience an English learning environment the same as those encountered in Preschools throughout English speaking countries. 
Igniting your child`s learning of English through monthly themed vocabulary, phonics, exploring, discovering, creating and learning about themselves and the world around them whilst doing what they do best playing!
Not only is it possible for children to learn English without resistance they strive in that atmosphere.


Stimulate your child’s mind with Hi5 kids unique Saturday program. Our Saturday Super Kids learn English through creativity fun ways. Learn about the world around us by visiting a different country’s culture each month, cooking, science, dance, dramatic play, art and crafts further develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
Children will also learn the Dolch pre-primer, primer and level 1 word list of sight words. Qualified native speakers teach our classes in a 100% English environment. 

Our Super Kids are taught the same way as native speakers learning


Hi5 Kids International is excited to expand our program to feature International Elementary School that will run from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Five days a week. 
Our students will learn reading, writing, math, science, history, social studies, and the arts. All programs at Hi5 Kids International are delivered in English. We are truly an international school as our students will be taught from qualified teachers from America, Australia, Canada and England.
In addition to academics, great emphasis is placed on encouraging our students to be physically active. We will have a trained and experienced hip-hop teacher to coach our students in dance.

Our standards are set to schools from overseas.  We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their full potential through fun activities. Another benefit for our students they will be given the opportunity to take Eiken English examinations. Our aim is to offer a quality education within a caring and nurturing environment to students from two year olds through elementary school.